The MFStrategies team comes to the table with years of experience crafting winning campaign strategies and a commitment to do what it takes to help you win on Election Day.

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Marty is an experienced political operative with nearly a decade of professional campaign experience. Before founding MFStrategies in July 2015, Marty built a reputation in Pennsylvania for his successful, creative, data-driven campaigns that achieved the simple goal of doing more with less.

During the 2012 cycle, Marty served as the Deputy Executive Director of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee. During his time at the HDCC, he built the largest state legislative field program in the country. Two years later, he was hired as the state-wide field director and senior staff for Tom Wolf's gubernatorial campaign in Pennsylvania. While on Wolf's campaign he worked to secure historic upset victories in both the primary and general elections.

In January 2015 Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State appointed Marty the Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Commissions, Elections, and Legislation. In this position, Marty oversaw the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s election administration and the systems responsible for storing the Commonwealth’s election and voter registration data.

DERON GOULD, Director of Operations

Deron's passion for Government and Politics started during his collegiate career. As a junior and senior at IUP, he had the opportunity to intern for a lobbyist representing AAPIA in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Upon graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a major in Sociology and minors in Political Science and Psychology, Deron began internships with the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee and the John Hanger for Governor campaign.

At the end of the internship with the PA HDCC he was brought on as their Research Director for the 2014 cycle. During 2015, Deron took a short break from politics and took a finance position with the non profit YAP (Youth Advocate Programs). Recognizing that he had been bit by the political bug, Deron jumped at the first chance to get back into politics and joined MFStrategies in the beginning of 2016. Since joining MFStrategies, Deron has worked with a variety of issue and candidate campaigns at the state and local levels where he has raised millions of dollars to help them communicate with voters. In addition to fundraising, Deron heads MFStrategies' communications projects which focus on developing new and creative ways to drive voter engagement with political messaging.

DEREK SMOCK, Associate

Derek is our newest team member here at MFStrategies. Derek works closely with members of Pennsylvania House Democratic leadership including Democratic Leader Frank Dermody and Democratic Caucus Chair Joanna McClinton. In addition to working with House members here in Pennsylvania, he heads up our efforts with clients in Virginia and Kentucky.

Derek started his career here in Pennsylvania as a member of Allyson Schwartz's field staff during her 2014 run for Governor. After that he managed a state house race in Louisville Kentucky, working to elect only the second African American female in the history of the state legislature. From there he moved on to be Field Director for Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's re-election campaign in Philadelphia. Directly after serving in that role he transitioned over to Katie McGinty's finance staff for her 2016 primary election. Next he served as Field Director in West Palm Beach, Florida for a congressional primary and then on to the same role for Jim Gray's Senate run in Kentucky. During the 2018 cycle he served as finance director for a congressional race in Virginia's 10th district and following that primary he returned to Louisville to be finance director for a State Senate campaign. Derek's greatest strength is his base of campaign knowledge accumulated by working in various locations and with a diverse set of candidates.

ERIN WISE, Associate

Erin’s love of all things Pennsylvania came early in life, volunteering on her first campaign at just 11 years old for then Auditor General Bob Casey Jr., and beginning her first official campaign intern position at 15, during his initial election to the Senate. Growing up in Happy Valley, it is no wonder that in 2012 Erin earned her degree in Political Science & Crime, Law, Justice from Penn State University, having also worked for Representative Scott Conklin during her time as a student.

After graduation she went on to be the Director of the New Voters Project at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. However, Pennsylvania couldn’t keep her out for long, and Erin returned home to Pennsylvania politics in 2015. Since then she has worked as Political Director, Social Media Coordinator, and Finance Director for a multitude of campaigns in her career, from the office of District Attorney all the way up to the office of Lt. Governor, and brings to the table a unique understanding of Pennsylvania’s more rural districts. Erin currently resides in Allegheny County with her 5 year old twins.

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