No two campaigns are the same, which is why MFStrategies offers a full suite of campaign services. Whether you need to fund your campaign, get your message out to critical voters, or build an entire operation from nothing - we have the experience to deliver.




We specialize in connecting our clients with like-minded supporters and organizations who want to elect more progressive candidates to state and federal offices. MFStrategies has helped our clients raise tens of millions of dollars for their campaigns, including significant contributions from individuals who had never contributed to them before. We accomplish this through aggressive goal-driven programs, extensive donor research, and advanced donor analysis.

Voter Engagement

A strong ground game is the cornerstone of every winning campaign and the MFStrategies team has built some of the largest field programs in the country. Building an efficient voter engagement program can be difficult and intimidating, though. That's why we've focused on developing methods that make it easy to target key voters, prioritize regions based on where a client can make the most impact, and set goals that balance a client's current capacity with what they need to win. Field work also generates a ton of very valuable data, so we advise our clients on how to make the most of the information their team gathers by integrating it throughout every facet of their campaign.

Strategic Consulting

Campaigns built by MFStrategies rely on hard data and a staff of experienced political professionals. We've worked on dozens of campaigns so we've seen what works - and what doesn't. We've taken this experience to the next level through partnerships with several technology companies with expertise in artificial intelligence and advanced mathematics. We use these methods to reinvent campaign strategy with creative ways to better understand how voters are making their choice in an election, and how to put our clients in the best possible position as Election Day quickly approaches.