2016 was our first election as MFStrategies

As we look forward to Election Day 2018, we are proud of what we have achieved for our clients.
Here are some highlights of what a strategy can do for you!


Our clients connected with more supporters than ever before.
On average, we grew a client's donor base by 29%

These new supporters each contributed an average of $679


In addition to building new relationships, we helped clients improve existing ones. Our clients' average contribution increased by $799 this cycle

Average monetary contribution before and after signing on with MFStrategies

Percentage of final total raised by days until Election Day


Cash-flow is critical in every campaign. Our clients brought in money 6% faster this year than in their previous campaigns

How did we do all of this?
Unmatched Research Capabilities and Donor Analysis

MFStrategies has built a one-of-a-kind research operation that can do more, and move faster, than other fundraising firms. We have a talented staff of political professionals armed with custom research and donor analysis software.

No one else offers this powerful combination.