MFStrategies and Omega Accelerator have partnered to find and fund the next generation of government technology startups. Individually, we have raised over $75 million for companies and clients to support their goals. Together, we are bringing our unique backgrounds and funding model to the GovTech market.


Running out of money causes over 80% of business failures, but less than 1% of businesses receive capital from outside investors. We believe a company should never fail because it hasn’t had adequate time (or funding) to prove itself.

Omega works toward company success, and higher returns on investment, by helping entrepreneurs find the funding they need, providing hands-on business consultation services, and assisting with product strategy and market assessments. We keep participation fees low so we can help more founders without worrying about how our costs will affect the bottom line.


Governments are facing increasing demand for fast and convenient services as well as a widening technology gap between the public and private sectors. As a result, governments are turning to private companies for efficient and affordable solutions.

There are over 60,000 state and local governments in the United States spending tens of billions of dollars to provide services to constituents. In 2018 non-defense federal government IT spending alone was $53 billion - a 165% increase since 2000.

Innovative companies focusing on challenges like energy distribution, emergency response communications, and simply billing for trash pick-up have a huge opportunity in this space.


Investments in Omega are used for staffing, marketing, investment capital, and working capital. We simplify the angel investment process by screening opportunities for you.

Our staff has decades of experience managing investments and working with elected officials and government staff. We apply this knowledge by working directly with our portfolio companies to strive for extraordinary returns on investment.

Omega’s revenue comes from ownership in portfolio companies, participation fees, and sponsorship fees. Your ROI comes from the proven success of matching expert staff, innovative companies, and reliable funding through every stage of growth.

Marty Santalucia
Division Partner

Ren Carlton
Omega Accelerator Co-Founder

Marty Santalucia joined Omega this year as a Division Partner and is excited to help startups find the funding they need to revolutionize the services provided by our governments.

Marty has more than a decade of experience working with elected officials and candidates for office at the federal, state, and local level. He is the founder and principle of MFStrategies, a full-service political consulting firm serving clients at every level of office in multiple states. Marty’s team specializes in connecting clients with like-minded donors and supporters from across the country.

In 2015, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State appointed Marty to oversee the Commonwealth’s campaign finance, voter registration, and lobbying disclosure systems. He has also served as senior staff for Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2014 campaign and, prior to that, senior staff for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee.

Ren Carlton is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has been widely recognized as a leader in the Michigan business community. He is regularly designing methods that creates sustainability and self-sufficiency in Financing.

Ren actively launches, acquires, grows, and sell businesses and has presented to various groups throughout the United States. In addition, he enjoys helping entrepreneurs pursue bold, fearless goals. Along the way he hosts an award-winning radio show, has written a successful book: Profitpreneurship: Creating a Business that Produces Outstanding Financial Results, where he introduces his DAS Profit Process, to guide companies toward financial growth.

Ren’s radio talk show is specifically designed for aspiring Entrepreneurs and established business owners. Business advice, business news, guests (entrepreneurs, executives, and subject-matter experts). Entertaining listeners while helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners reach their goals.

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