Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dollars & Change — a new website that allows users to find and donate directly to political candidates who share their views in districts and states across the country.

The way people contribute to candidates for political office is changing, both in terms of how they give and who they give to. In 2018 alone, small-dollar donors gave in record amounts to campaigns across the country. Donors are moving from supporting candidates who are running to represent their home district to supporting candidates who represent their ideology. This fundamental shift in how campaigns are funded has been powered by the rise of online political giving, but finding candidates you agree with can be difficult.

Dollars & Change makes it easy for potential donors to find candidates who share their views and make a donation with just a few clicks. Users are matched on 8 general policy positions with 10 candidates for federal and state office across the country. Then, after deciding how much to give, one button contributes to all the candidates at the same time. It has never been easier to find and support candidates up and down the ballot.

We are a non-partisan platform looking to introduce donors to candidates of every affiliation. Currently, we work with candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Governor but hope to expand to state legislative offices soon.

Visit Dollars & Change at to find out which candidates share your views and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

About Us

Dollars & Change is run by Marty Santalucia and Tom Sennett, two friends who share a commitment to improving how engaged voters find candidates who reflect their views.

Marty Santalucia

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Throughout his decade-long career, Marty Santalucia has served in a wide variety of positions working on campaigns and administering elections. Marty currently is the founder and principal of MFStrategies, a political consulting firm based in Pennsylvania. Marty’s firm has built a strong reputation by helping clients connect with like-minded supporters across the country.

Tom Sennett

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Tom Sennett aka “Mainstream Media” has been creating apps, games, and websites professionally for over ten years. As a strategist, designer, and developer he’s guided dozens of products from concept to launch, resulting in millions of happy users the world over.